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The Association has changed its name to the West Carrollton All Class Reunion Association. The annual dinner-dance will now be known as the West Carrollton All Class Reunion
Officers currently serving:
President -Larry Henderson '78
Vice President- vacant
Secretary- Sandy Kiger Gomes '72
Treasurer- vacant
Historian- Bob Hoffman '49

Our thanks to previous officers who have given their time to ensure the success of the association.

We need people from the class of 1960 to the present time to get involved. It is not all work, we have a lot of FUN too! Join us to keep the West Carrollton All Class Reunion Association strong.

September 4, 2015 11:18 AM

We get a few comments about the cost of the dinner dance. In actuality, there are various costs involved with the dinner dance. The food service, room, and tip are the big ones. There are also expenses for DJ, decorations, signs, and other items. Any surplus from the dinner dance is added to the scholarship fund. The association maintains a baseline cash position and contributes any surplus. We are a club and the dues are included in the cost of the dinner. The space for the next dinner dance is reserved immediately after the current dinner dance. For those that feel that the dinner dance is too expensive, they are welcome to come to the after dinner portion for a smaller fee.